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For more than twenty years Craig and Silke Marshall have been in the tourism industry gaining an unprecedented amount of experience, knowledge and wisdom in the do's and dont's of destination management. During this time they have grown a vast domestic and international network with many high profile individuals within the business realm.


During September 2005, Craig and Silke Marshall decided to establish their own Destination Management Company and call it M&M Destination Solutions (derived from Marshall and Marshall Solutions). The first M&M Destination Solutions  office was in their home; however in 2006 the team grew to a 5 person team. For more space, M&M Destination Solutions moved to an office in town.




About us

Six months later the team grew to 7 individuals and this is when M&M Destination Solutions moved to the newly bought offices in Cape Town.


Here the M&M Solutions culture was cultivated to stimulate creativity, encourage independent decision making, promote ethical business decisions and to empower employees to make decisions and be risk taking where appropriate.


“We have always desired to be our own bosses. There is an intrinsic value in being an owner of a company, growing it up from the ground.” -  Craig Marshall.  

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